Our trip to Lata Hammers(Perting Fall)...

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Our trip to Lata Hammers(Perting Fall)...

Post  roy on Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:49 am

On the 7,8 and 9th of Feb 2008, we made our way to the much heard about Lata Hammers aka Perting Fall. This fall is located at Perting Valley, a small town in between Janda Baik and Bentong. Getting there aint to difficult, just take the junction to Kg. Bukit Tinggi from Karak highway and head towards bentong. On the way u will see a signboard like the one in the picture below.

Take that road until the end. Dont worry as they are quite a few signboards. At the end park your car and track across the river for about half an hour and your there. If you are not sure you can always ask the locals. Below are some pics of the place, enjoy!!!...

As you can see, the road up is not that bad..

This is the ned of the road where we r goin to start trekking..

This is the river crossing i mentioned..

The trail leading to the waterfall..

You can always see the river along the trail..if not im sure you can hear it..

One of the locals..hehe

Nizam losing his footing...

The steep descent down to the waterfall..

The steep descent with ropes..

The waterfall in all its glory..check it out

Setting up camp..

Our food..

More food..

We have a visitor..One of my friends noticed this snake(ular daun) on a small tree right beside our camp. We actually walked right pass the tree several times without noticing the snake, luckily nobody got bitten..If you look carefully you can see that our friend just had his breakfast..Smile

See how he blends in with the leaves..no wonder nobody noticed him..

All of us near the fall..

The fall by itself..

Our camp..

Packed and leaving..Hope to visit this place again..If you plan to go there PLEASE KEEP THE PLACE CLEAN ok..dont destroy it..

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