Our trip to Chilling Waterfalls(Kelah heaven)...

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Our trip to Chilling Waterfalls(Kelah heaven)...

Post  roy on Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:41 pm

On the 25,26 and 27 Jan 2008 we made our way down to Kuala Kubu Bharu...This place is a beautiful and well kept secret...It is taken care of by the Department of Fisheries who released 12000 small kelah fry into the Chilling River. The fishes now are as big as my hand if not bigger. You can feed the fishes bread and if you do, get ready for a superb experience as the kelah in this river are friendly and will eat and jump right in front of you. Below are a few pictures of the place..There is also a video of the fishes..

Our Campsite
Trail to the waterfall
Chilling River
Chilling River2
River crossing 1
River Crossing 2
The Majestic Chilling Waterfall in all its glory
The Majestic Chilling Waterfall 2
Lovely water
Hundreds of kelah
Me and Ariff with the kelah

A video of me feeding the fish at our campsite..Look at them..Wat a beauty..

A video of the fish following my friend upstream.

There are hundreds of fishes in this one spot..

To view more images go to http://roystechspace.spaces.live.com/Photos/

If anyone plans to go there just remember one thing "Take Nuthin But Photographs, Leave Nuthin But Footprints"...Please help to preserve this place so that it will be there for the next and the next and the next generation to see..

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